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Return & Exchange Policy

Merchandise returns must take place within five business days (5 days) of the original purchase and must be accompanied by the sales receipt. The return price will be the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee. Products without a receipt will not be returned. We will not accept a return on open / unsealed computers, monitors, Laptops (all models), iPad and iPad Mini (all models), ink cartridges or toner, batteries, power supplies, software or printers for any reason. Please check the version, platform and name of the product before you open any of these items. Defective upon purchase or DOA products will be handled according to the Manufacturer's Return/Exchange Policy. Please consult your product registration and warranty information.

                    Returns on Special Orders

A Special Order is an order for a product place per the users' specifications and is not normally stocked. All special orders must be prepaid in full and are non-refundable. Since we cannot take a deposit from a Department, Departmental Special Orders cannot be cancelled once any cost has been incurred by the Tech Store, unless the Department is willing to cover the incurred cost. Such costs may include the following: staff time, shipping expenses, manufacturer's restocking fee, etc. Departmental Special Orders must also be made in person at the Tech Store or by email through Tech Store personnel. We reserve the right to refuse any return.

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