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Customers Say It Best

Intechs Computers' YouTube page is a tech enthusiast's dream! Their informative videos offer invaluable insights and practical tips in just the right dose. A must-visit for anyone navigating the world of technology!

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Avery Smith

Intechs Computers' TikTok page is my go-to for the latest tech updates! Their bite-sized videos offer quick glimpses into the newest products and trends, keeping me informed and inspired. Don't miss out – hit that follow button now!


Jessie Brown

"Intechs Computers in Nairobi, Kenya, offers unparalleled service for laptop upgrades, repairs, and installations. Their expertise in RAM and SSD upgrades, screen replacements, and keyboard repairs is unmatched. Their diagnostic services are thorough and efficient, ensuring prompt solutions to any tech issue. With top-notch quality products and exceptional customer service, Intechs Computers is my trusted choice for all my laptop needs in Nairobi!"

Vincent Kipchoge


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